Kelly CPA Presents: Accounting Free Clinics

Are you an entrepreneur? Artist? Sole proprietor? Do you have an accounting or tax question? Need help with QuickBooks? Or just want a professional CPA’s input on how to manage your books? We can help.

Remember, what you don’t know about bookkeeping and tax compliance CAN hurt you. That’s why we’re here to help.

Cookies and light refreshments will be served.

Kelly CPA’s Accounting Clinics are for educational and informational purposes only and not meant to serve as a substitute for obtaining necessary accounting, legal, tax or financial advice from a licensed professional for a specific business matter. Information exchanged during an Accounting Free Clinic does not create an accountant-client relationship unless the attendee signs a client agreement with Kelly CPA. 

September Clinic

September 5, 3pm - 5pm

October Clinic

October 3, 3pm - 5pm

November Clinic

November 7, 3pm - 5pm

December Clinic

December 5, 3pm - 5pm