Celebrating entrepreneurship

Program Overview

Kelly CPA is honored to recognize founders of companies whose vision is to create growing businesses that help shape our communities into strong and prosperous economies. Each month we tell the stories of these entrepreneurs and the innovative ways they are growing their big ideas.

What criteria do we use in choosing our honorees?

Aside from demonstrating the traits listed above, the individual(s) also meets the following criteria:

  • Individual is the founder of a business currently operating under their supervision
  • Individual has not had more than 3 previous startup ventures
  • Individual started company with personal equity
  • Company cannot be more than 10 years old
  • Proven ethical history
  • Company is providing jobs in the marketplace
  • High value placed on company culture and employee satisfaction
  • Exhibits proficiency in areas such as customer service, quality control of product, innovation, risk and commitment to their businesses and local communities

Nominate an Entrepreneur

We are constantly inspired by the extraordinary ideas that come to fruition through the work of those who take the big risks. This program honors individuals taking the initiative to pursue unconventional methods and integrate their ideas into our lives in the most innovative ways. We are excited to share their stories and the various paths they’ve chosen in the quest to grow and sustain their enterprises.

At Kelly CPA our goal is to free visionaries to do what they do best by providing clarity in all financial matters, all while maintaining an appreciation for the entrepreneurial spirit. Entrepreneurs take risks and capitalize on opportunity whenever possible. They are thought leaders and problem solvers.

Join us in celebrating these women and men who are working to lead our economy toward an exciting future. We hope that this program inspires others to tap into their creativity and initiate their own entrepreneurial ventures!

Do you know someone who meets these requirements? Nominate them for the Kelly CPA Entrepreneur of the Month program!

Entrepreneur of the Month

Kelly CPA is honored to recognize entrepreneurs and the innovative ways they are growing their big ideas.