Kelly CPA Presents: Need2Know


Join us for a comprehensive seminar on the advantages (and disadvantages) of doing business as an S Corporation.

An S Corporation is a corporate tax election that offers meaningful tax benefits. It can help limit your liability, protect your privacy, simplify the management of wages and fringe benefits, and significantly reduce your overall tax burden. But, if structured or managed improperly, it can lead to increased scrutiny by the IRS. And that could mean sizable legal and accounting bills, or worse – additional taxes and costly penalties. We’ve designed this seminar to tell you pretty much everything you need to know about doing business as an S Corp, including:

– Incorporation or LLC? Both can be an S Corp. What’s best?
– S Corporation entity selection – pros and cons
– Maximize tax-free income (QBI)
– Reasonable vs unreasonable compensation
– Fringe benefits: health insurance, auto, etc.
– Meals and entertainment – new rules vs old
– Payroll tax and responsibilities
– Employee vs independent contractor status
– Texas franchise tax and reporting

Enrollment is limited to just 15 people. Don’t miss it!

Kelly CPA’s Need2Know Seminars are for educational and informational purposes only and are not meant to serve as a substitute for obtaining necessary accounting, legal, tax or financial advice from a licensed professional for a specific business matter. Information exchanged during a Seminar does not create an accountant-client relationship unless the attendee signs a client agreement with Kelly CPA.

Get Your S Together

October 22, 4:30am - 7:00pm