A team whose passion for numbers lets you focus on your passion.


Kyle McKay, Accounting Services Manager

Kyle is a record-keeping virtuoso who also happens to be a talented orchestral musician. As a certified Quickbooks ProAdvisor, he’s responsible for maintaining our clients’ financial records. With his exceptional eye for detail and a knack for cleaning up accounting messes, he’s helped save more than one Kelly CPA client from the unpleasant consequences of details missed by former accounting firms. Kyle is eager to learn everything he can about our clients’ businesses and is always looking for new ways to ensure the accuracy of the work we do. As a former business owner, he really gets the creative, entrepreneurial individuals and companies we serve.

Currently working toward his CPA certification at the University of Texas at Dallas, Kyle still finds time to pursue his passions for the arts and the organizations that support them. He performs with regional orchestras around the country and serves on the board the Lewisville Lake Symphony. We’re grateful for the uniquely artful perspective Kyle brings to Kelly CPA.


Jenifer Chittwood, Office Manager

Jenifer Chittwood is likely to be the first person you talk to when you call or visit – and we can’t imagine a better way to make a great first impression. Jenifer has been a bank manager, a Certified QuickBooks ProAdvisor, and an executive assistant in the tax department of a major regional accounting firm. With her solid background in financial services, she understands the importance of accuracy and order in everything we do. She’s also a delight to be around.

Kelly CPA is well known for our ability to bring clarity and efficiency to our clients’ financial lives. Thanks to Jenifer Chittwood’s skill at keeping us organized, we practice what we preach.

Jenifer was born in Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania, but has been a proud Texan since 1983. She and her family live in North Oak Cliff where she enjoys working on her historic, 94-year-old Craftsman home and hosting gatherings of friends and family.


Max Lin, CPA

With his master’s degree in accounting and a history of producing results as a skilled tax specialist, Max Lin is a brilliant addition to the Kelly CPA team. He has years of experience helping clients navigate the intricacies of all aspects of tax strategy, preparation, compliance, reporting, and auditing procedures. Add to that his keen eye for detail and an innate drive to help find the most effective, least costly solutions for his clients, and you can see why Max is a perfect match for the entrepreneurial clients we serve here at Kelly CPA.

When he’s not at the office, Max applies his impressive multitasking know-how to helping his wife keep up with their young children, playing soccer, and cooking Chinese food. Max is a fan of new technologies – he even writes his own simple computer programs to help him do what he does more accurately and efficiently. Those programs are clearly working.


Jeff Foster, Accounting Services

Jeff Foster helps us manage the bookkeeping needs of our monthly accounting clients. With his rich background in sales, marketing, management, and disaster relief (yes, you read that right, Jeff was an operations manager at Gulf Coast Disaster Relief in Houston), he’s the perfect match for the entrepreneurial individuals and businesses we serve here at Kelly CPA. An entrepreneur himself, Jeff is organized, service-oriented, and a master at handling pressure (disaster relief, remember?). We’re delighted to have him on our team. Our clients are, too.

Jeff has a B.B.A. in accounting from the University of Texas at Arlington. He and his wife both ride motorcycles, enjoy grilling, love to travel (and especially enjoy coming home to their three dogs, Seis, Cleopatra, and Cali). In their spare time, Jeff and his wife own and operate “Cheese and Chutney,” a specialty cheese and gift shop here in Dallas.