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Alicia and Adam Rico / Bows & Arrows

All work and no play makes for a bland day, but Bows & Arrows has created solutions to cultivate a sense of beauty in the realm of business. Founded in 2009 by husband-and-wife duo Alicia and Adam Rico, Bows & Arrows offers beautiful floral arrangements designed to embed the elements of art and nature into weddings and business events. While they mainly specialize in weddings, Bows & Arrows creates floral arrangements and decor for corporate events, art galas and fundraisers as well.

“We work with each of our clients from concept to concept to final product,” Adam says.

Adam first met Alicia in New York City, where Alicia was working at a flower shop and Adam was working as a photo shoot producer. They met in a chance encounter that quickly changed their lives.

“We both have backgrounds in studio art, and we like to get creative,” Alicia adds. “We think differently about event design.”

“About a year and a half [after we met], we got married and decided to move to Dallas to start a business,” Adam says.

Combining both of their skills, Alicia and Adam worked together to bring something new to the Metroplex.

“We felt that Dallas had a need for something unique, in terms of floral design,” Alicia says. “Everything was kind of similar and more traditional here. We thought Dallas would be a great move for us and that we could bring something new to the community and to the city.”

Since launching Bows & Arrows, Alicia and Adam have contributed floral arrangements and other art works to weddings in France, Spain, Mexico and other parts of the world. Their work has also been featured in The Magnolia Journal, Martha Stewart Weddings and Harper’s Bazaar. They also work every year with the Nasher Sculpture Center to contribute floral arrangements for their annual Nasher Prize Gala.

Although Alicia and Adam are two creative individuals, they both admit that the financial side of business can be tough to manage, however, they credit much of their company’s success to Kelly CPA.

“Kelly CPA has been with us since the beginning,” Alicia says. “We couldn’t do it without Marie and her team.”